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Town Meeting & Special Presentation THIS Saturday

Dear Society Members,

This Saturday, April 5, 2008 down at The Space is our monthly Town Meeting for Members Only. Because of the changes to our bylaws in the past year the annual nominations and elections are coming up very soon.. At this Town Meeting p.bobby will be discussing the functions and reality of becoming a Board member as well as the nomination and voting process. The Board strongly encourages all our Members to attend. The Town Meeting is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Following the Town Meeting:

The Society is proud to bring you Master Larry & slave barb: 2007 National Master & slave winners presenting: 101 Ways to Destroy Your M/s Relationship!

Are you tired of classes that tell you how to do everything correct?
Are you sick the path of longevity, political correctness and righteousness?
Are you tired of the pressures of your cherished Master's cap and slave collar
Are you bored with being an upstanding leather citizen?
Are you fed up to your leather eyeballs with love, respect, care and success?
Well, if you are fed up with all these things then this class for you!

In this class Master Larry and slave barb will go over all the steps to help deconstruct the Master slave relationship that you so carefully built. Please come to this class and allow Master Larry and slave barb to gently pull on your one loose thread and then just watch the rest unravel. Or we can examine and talk about how easy it can be to undo all our hard work and learn from each others trails and tribulations and together become stronger. Will Master Larry and slave barb talk about everything they did wrong? Oh yes!

*all educational presentations, workshops and discussions are open to Members and non-members, 21 and older.
*There is never a cost for attending the monthly Town Meeting, however if you choose to stay afterwords the regular costs are involved.

The Board of The Society sincerely hopes to see you all next Saturday!

membership secretary
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